Welcome to the Chile Pepper Cross Country Festival. We always expect congestion in the morning. Our number one goal for the event is participant safety, so we recommend that everyone add additional time to get to the course–even those of you who have been to many previous Chile Peppers.  Please use the pedestrian tunnel on Garland.  NO Dogs or Drones allowed on course or grounds.  We are guests on the University of Arkansas Agricultural Farms and these are strict rules.

Transportation and Parking Map

General Parking

Official Chile Pepper Parking is beside the Washington County Fairgrounds.  Shuttle buses are available to take you to the course.  If you elect to walk, please cross Garland at two designated areas: pedestrian/bike tunnel at Garland/Knapp or at Garland/Cassat.  Limited parking is available in Agri Park or on the roads bordering Agri Park.  If you are looking for GPS directions, plug in Agri Park on Garland in Fayetteville, AR.  Please don’t call or ask.  It’s no secret, but is located in a field so street address is hard to come by!  If you can’t live without the GPS;  Use Agri Park or University of Arkansas XC Course as seen on Google Maps, or just follow the mob when you get close.

Bus Parking

Bus Parking is also at the area just East of the Washington County Fairgrounds. No bus drop off is allowed on Gregg Street. Buses may not enter Quality Lane. Buses and cars may drop passengers at the any Shuttle Stop including the one near Agri Park (Knapp and Morrill). Please see the parking map for more details/locations regarding Shuttle Stops.

VIP Parking

Please enter the course from Garland at Knapp. Your VIP status will be checked at the gate or your hang tag will allow access.

Event Staff Parking

Please enter the course from Garland at Knapp. You must have a hang tag to proceed through the gate.  Many people will be entering at gate, please allow extra time.

College Van Parking

Please enter from Gregg Street at Quality Lane. You must have a hang tag to turn on to Quality Lane. No large buses can be accommodated in the Quality Lane area parking. A limited number of college vans may be allowed entry to course behind the starting line if weather permits, (dry conditions).  In the case of inclement weather, college passenger vans may enter through Agri Park from Garland at Knapp,  (same as Event Staff).

Accessible Parking

We have a limited amount of ADA parking. To best accommodate you, please use the online form before Friday of Race Week Handicap Parking Form). ADA parking will enter from Garland at Knapp. Please follow the VIP parking signs to spaces.  We will send you a link to print your credentials on race week by Wednesday/Thursday or when capacity is reached.

Friday Parking for packet pickup and Tom Lewis Pepper Dash

Parking at Agri Park on Garland Avenue, beside Washington County Fairgrounds, and limited space on the small grass field on Quality Lane off Gregg Street.  Packet Pickup begins at 5:30pm Friday and the Tom Lewis Pepper Dash starts at 6:20pm.

Friday Course Access

Please stay of the course until 3pm.  We have trucks and heavy equipment delivering materials and this is for your safety.  After 3pm, teams may access the course for a preview and/or tent dropoff. Tents and other items that are stored overnight are left at owner’s risk. Parking is available at Agri Park, beside Washington County Fairgrounds, on the small grass field on Quality Lane, and inside the main gate (weather permitting). There is no large bus parking available from Quality Lane.