2023 Live Results

Students / School Teams

Students / School Teams


Online registration will open July 1, 2024 for teams. Teams must register online in advance of race week. Payments are by check or arrange credit card payment ahead of time.  Athlete changes are available on your school’s race day.  Checks can be mailed to Chile Pepper, Inc.  Box 10734, Fayetteville, AR  72703.

Chile Pepper W9

Registration OPENS on July 1
Registration CLOSES on September 20

2024 Special Considerations

  • Community races (1 Mile and 10K) will be on Friday, September 27, 2024.
  • College, High School, and Junior High School races will be on Saturday, September 28, 2024.
  • High School El Caliente, boys and girls, will be run in two heats which will be scored as one.
  • Junior high school, boys and girls, will be a 2 mile race.

High School

High School teams must be a member of NFHS. If your team does not meet this requirement please contact Amy Mortimeyer.  Use Team Registration Link on website with username/password.

  • “El Caliente” HS Varsity Race Teams
    • There will be 2 heats, 1 “hotter” than the other
    • Teams can have up to 8 athletes
    • Cost is $100 per team
    • Considered the “Varsity Race” with special trophy for team winner
    • No unattached runners
    • Guidelines for heat assignments will be shared directly with coaches when registration opens

To address issues with the starting line for the El Caliente High School events, both boy’s and girl’s El Caliente events will be split into 2 heats.  Boxes will be assigned for both heats in both genders.  Heat assignments will be decided utilizing the previous year’s Chile Pepper times for each school.  Faster times will be placed in the first heat and the balance in the second heat.  Schools new to the Chile Pepper will be placed in the second heat unless the Board determines a different assignment is appropriate. BOTH HEATS WILL BE SCORED AS ONE EVENT!

Box assignments will be completed and posted the week of Chile Pepper

  • Open High School Race Teams
    • Cost is $100 per team up to 20, then $3 each
    • $25 each for 1, 2, 3 team members
    • No unattached runners
  • Junior High School Race Teams
    • Race distance will be 2 miles
    • Cost is $100 per team up to 20, then $3 each.
    • $25 each for 1, 2, or 3 team members.
    • No unattached runners

College / Open

  • Cost is $250 per team up to 7, then $35 each
  • Assignments will be made by UA Meet Officials
    • If needed 2 Heats per gender
  • 5K for Women
  • 8K for Men
  • Unattached Runners are allowed, however they must qualify by previous race results in last 12 months: 18:30 for women 5k and 27:00 for men’s 8k.

Hotel Block / Reservation Link

The Chile Pepper will be offering room blocks for schools/teams on Thursday and Friday evening, September 26 and 27.
Please contact each directly using the phone number or link provided for details and booking.

  • Check back in July for hotel information

Contact Us

If you have any questions about registration, contact:

Amy Mortimeyer: runchilepepperfestival@gmail.com

Matt Downs: matthewsdowns@gmail.com