2023 Live Results

Sustainability Efforts

The Chile Pepper Festival is committed to sustainability, having always recycled throughout its 35-year history. Since 2021, a heavy focus has been made on waste diversion. This effort has been supported through partnership with the City of Fayetteville and has greatly improved the festival’s diversion of materials such as cardboard, aluminum, plastic bottles, glass, food waste, and other compostables.

Facts & Figures

  • 2021 Diversion Rate – 47%
  • 2022 Diversion Rate – 87%

Call to Action

Moving forward, the Chile Pepper includes a special call to action for schools, athletes, and fans to actively participate in environmental stewardship, aiming to achieve a diversion rate even greater than past years. Be mindful of what you bring into the Chile Pepper grounds. Utilize our four waste stations that contain bins for trash, compostables, and recyclables.